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How to Perform a Driver License Address Change in Michigan

For each Michigan drivers license change of address information must be kept up to date. You must change drivers license address details with the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) each time you move in order to update the department’s records. DMV change of address forms are available through the SOS, and there are several methods for updating your information. If you do not change your drivers license address, you may face consequences. The information on this page will explain when to change your license address, the methods available and what penalties you face if you do not update.

When to Change Your Michigan Drivers License Address Information

You should perform a Michigan DMV address change as soon as you can after you move residences for any reason. You can also change your drivers license address if you wish to have SOS information mailed to any address other than your residential address.

Note: Most DMV address changes involve the SOS issuing a new address sticker for your existing license. However, if you are issued a new license, you must return or destroy your old one.

How Early/Late You Can Update Your Michigan Drivers License Address Without Penalties

You should report an address change on your drivers license as early as possible. It is difficult to tell how long you have until you incur penalties for not changing drivers license address information. You have until a reasonable amount of time after the SOS sends a notice to your listed address. Therefore, you should update your information as soon as possible.

Penalties for Not Changing Drivers License Address in Michigan

If you fail to change your Michigan drivers license address after the SOS sends you a notice by mail, whether to your residence or other listed address, you are considered to be committing a civil infraction. Without a DMV address change, the SOS is lawfully allowed to suspend or revoke your drivers license immediately.

How to Change Your Michigan Drivers License Address in Person

It is important to know where to change drivers license address information once it becomes necessary to do so. Changing your license address in MI can be done in person at a local SOS office. If you are performing a drivers license address change, you will need to bring your existing drivers license. The SOS will issue you a sticker displaying your new address, to be place on the back of your current drivers license. There is no fee for updating drivers license address information.

How to Change Your Michigan Drivers License Address Online

Drivers wondering how to change drivers license address information online may easily do so free of charge. You can submit a DMV change of address request online instead of visiting an SOS office. If you choose to update your Michigan drivers license address through this method, you will receive a letter containing the sticker for your new address, to be placed on your existing drivers license. This sticker will be mailed to your old address. If you need it delivered to your new address for any reason, you should change drivers license address information in person with the SOS.

To change your Michigan drivers license address online, you will need the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • Current Michigan drivers license
  • Birth date
  • Eye color

You cannot perform a SOS change of address online if:

  • Your license is an “enhanced” license. (These must be updated in person or by mail)
  • You have ordered a replacement drivers license on the same day.
  • You have submitted another change of address request in the past 10 days.

Note: Changing your license address also updates other records with the SOS, including your vehicle records and voter registration.

How to Change Address on Drivers License in Michigan by Mail

You can also change the address on your drivers license by mailing an application to the SOS. To perform a drivers license address change by mail, you should download, print and fill out a Michigan Change of Address form. Once you complete the form, you can mail it to the Michigan Department of State. After submitting your MI DMV change of address request, you should receive a new address sticker, to be placed on the back of your current license, in 14 days or less. You will receive a verification letter from the SOS in return. This letter includes your new address, but is sent to your previous address. If you do not wish to have your new address sent to your previous address, you should choose the in-person method of updating your drivers license address rather than the mail-in method.

Note: Michigan Change of Address forms are not accepted via email.

You can send your DMV change of address request to the following address:

Michigan Department of State

PO Box 30764

Lansing, MI 48909-8264







By mail:

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