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Health Insurance in Michigan

Michigan health insurance is mandatory under the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, many medical insurance plans are available to fit different types of budgets and income levels, including policies under the federal marketplace. For instance, the health insurance marketplace sells bronze, silver, gold, platinum and catastrophic plans, depending on the applicant’s specific needs. Therefore, health insurance quotes and rates vary depending on the specific plan type. Bronze and silver health insurance plans offer higher deductibles with lower monthly premiums, while gold and platinum plans offer lower deductibles and higher premiums. To begin the health insurance application process, patients may complete a form and submit it to the Department of Health and Human Services by mail. Before getting started, however, residents can get a health insurance quote online here. Alternately, residents may be eligible for affordable health insurance under the Healthy Michigan Plan, Medicaid or Medicare. If residents are eligible for health insurance enrollment through these plans, then they do not need to purchase a marketplace plan. To learn more about medical insurance enrollment in Michigan, review the information below.

Michigan Health Insurance Enrollment Requirements

Residents must purchase health insurance in Michigan to avoid paying a penalty fee when they file their income taxes. This medical insurance penalty fee is also known as an individual mandate or fine. To avoid paying the health insurance application fee, residents must enroll in a marketplace plan before the open enrollment period ends or they may obtain a student health plan (if applicable), Medicare, Medicaid or a Healthy Michigan Plan. To obtain affordable health insurance through the Healthy Michigan Plan, residents must be between the ages of 19 and 64, not be pregnant and they must not be eligible or enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare. Additionally, this affordable medical insurance policy is only available to residents who earn up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Furthermore, group medical insurance enrollment is also available to employees and their eligible dependents. By enrolling in these types of medical insurance plans, residents can avoid paying a penalty fee at tax time. To find affordable health insurance in MI, residents may compare quotes online here.

Michigan Health Insurance Penalty Fees

If customers do not enroll in health insurance before the open enrollment period ends, then they will need to pay a fine when they file their income taxes. However, residents may qualify for a special health insurance enrollment period if they move, got married or divorced, had a baby, adopted a child or placed a child in foster care within the previous 60 days. Additionally, the special medical insurance enrollment period is available to residents if a member of their marketplace plan dies or they lose their current coverage. To avoid paying the health insurance enrollment penalty fee, residents may get health insurance quotes here.

Benefits of Obtaining Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan

Federal medical insurance plans provide patients with many benefits, including emergency and ambulatory care services, hospitalization and mental health and substance abuse treatment. Additionally, the MI health insurance marketplace provides customers with prescription drug coverage, laboratory and pediatric services and rehabilitative care. Each marketplace medical insurance plan provides customers with essential health benefits such as these. However, additional health insurance coverages include dental and/or vision care, as well as medical management programs. The Healthy Michigan health insurance plan provides patients with essential coverages in addition to services, such as maternity care and chronic disease management.

Where to Find Michigan Medical Insurance Plans

Residents may purchase health insurance in Michigan through the marketplace, an employer or they may obtain coverage through Medicare or Medicaid, if eligible. Alternately, residents may obtain affordable health insurance through the Healthy Michigan Plan if they are eligible to do so. Before completing a medical insurance application, however, it is important to compare plans and gather quotes from various providers. To get started, customers can compare health insurance quotes here. After comparing health insurance quotes, residents may begin the enrollment process. If purchasing a plan through the medical insurance marketplace, then it is important to remember that premiums, deductibles and coverages vary by policy type. For instance, marketplace health insurance plans include the following:

  • The expanded bronze level – covers between 56 and 62 percent of expected health care expenses
  • The bronze level – covers 60 percent of expected medical costs
  • The silver level – covers 70 percent of expected health care expenses
  • The gold level – covers 80 percent of anticipated medical expenses
  • The platinum level – covers 90 percent of expected medical costs

If residents wish to purchase an MI medical insurance plan through the marketplace, then they may complete an Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs and mail it in. To enroll in the Healthy Michigan health insurance plan, however, customers must contact the Department of Human Services (MDHHS) at 1-855-789-5610 or they may complete an application online or in person.

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