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Michigan Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Michigan is mandatory, as all drivers in the state need to purchase coverage before they may register any type of motor vehicle with the Secretary of State (SOS). However, insurance for motorcycle vehicles is slightly different from the state’s automobile coverage requirements. To get motorcycle insurance coverage, motorists must carry minimum liability protection, rather than no-fault insurance. However, many motorcycle insurance companies sell additional coverages as well, including medical benefits. While drivers may obtain an affordable motorcycle insurance policy if they wish to purchase a basic policy, they must wear a safety helmet if they do not carry medical benefits coverage. If motorists do obtain full coverage motorcycle insurance with medical benefits, the state does not require them to wear a helmet. To find the best motorcycle insurance policy for any budget, motorists may compare quotes online here. To learn more about how to get motorcycle insurance in Michigan, review the information below.

Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

To get motorcycle insurance, motorists must ensure that that the policy meets the state’s minimum liability requirements. Under these motorbike insurance requirements, motorists must verify that their policy protects them from the bodily injury, property damages or death of another individual. However, no-fault insurance for motorcycles is not available to motorcyclists in the state. In addition to these motorcycle insurance requirements, motorcyclists must purchase medical coverage if they plan to ride a motorbike without the use of a safety helmet. However, medical insurance for motorbikes is optional if motorcyclists plan to wear crash helmets at all times. To get started, motorists may get an online motorcycle insurance quote here.

Michigan Insurance for Motorcycle Coverage Limits

Whether motorists purchase a cheap motorcycle insurance policy, or they carry comprehensive coverage, they must meet the state’s minimum liability requirements. Furthermore, motorists must obtain medical insurance for motorcycles if they do not plan to wear a crash helmet while operating the vehicle. Motorcycle insurance policies with medical benefits must include at least $20,000 in coverage for each rider who does not wear a safety helmet. However, these Michigan motorbike insurance requirements do not pertain to riders who wear safety helmets. If motorists wish to obtain optional medical benefits, they may purchase coverage in increments of $5,000. If a motorcyclist get into an accident that does not involve a motor vehicle, then his or her medical benefits policy pays for any expenses up to the coverage limit. If a motorcyclist gets into an accident with a motor vehicle, however, the automobile driver’s insurance company will pay for any applicable bills. Whether purchasing full coverage motorcycle insurance coverage or obtain a basic liability policy, riders can save money by comparing quotes here.

Where can I get a Michigan motorcycle insurance quote?

There are several ways to get motorcycle insurance quotes, including online, through a local company or an independent agent. Whether getting MI motorcycle insurance online or in person, applicants generally need to provide the following information to receive the most accurate estimates:

  • Their name, address and telephone number
  • Their driver license and Social Security Number
  • The name(s) of their other household members, if applicable
  • The motorcycle’s vehicle identification number (VIN)

“How much is motorcycle insurance?”, motorists may ask. In Michigan, motorbike insurance quotes vary depending on whether drivers purchase a basic liability policy or a plan with additional medical benefits. Furthermore, motorcycle insurance cost estimates often vary depending on several factors, including the vehicle type and the age and driving history of the rider. For instance, motorcycle insurance costs vary depending on the applicant’s age, driving record and insurance history, overall experience level, location of residence, income, and the specific vehicle type. However, motorists can save money on motorcycle insurance by comparing quotes here.

How to Get Michigan Motorcycle Insurance

After comparing motorcycle insurance quotes, motorists may purchase a policy to best fit their lifestyle and budget. Many affordable motorcycle insurance policies are available online. To get started, applicants may buy motorcycle insurance online, as long as the company is licensed in the state of Michigan, or they may purchase a policy from an independent agent. As another option, many motorcycle insurance companies are available in the state. Furthermore, motorists may be able to add motorcycle coverage to an existing automobile insurance policy if they wish. In some cases, Michigan motorbike insurance companies may offer discounts or premium reductions if motorists insure more than one vehicle through a single company. Before purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy, however, it is important to verify the company’s licensure status by contacting the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) at 877-999-6442.