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SR22 Insurance in Michigan

Michigan SR22 requirements pertain to motorists who are part of a financial-responsibility judgement or a Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF). For instance, motorists may need SR22 insurance if they operate a vehicle without no-fault coverage and are deemed at fault in an accident. In this case, SR22 may be a requirement if the injured individual files a suit against the uninsured motorist in court. The filing of an SR22 form (also known as a proof of insurance certificate) is usually a requirement for a minimum of three months at a time. However, SR-22 insurance is sometimes mandatory for up to one year or until motorists are eligible to cancel their coverage. However, SR-22 is not the same as no-fault automobile insurance. In addition to SR22 coverage, motorists must purchase a no-fault insurance policy to meet the state’s minimum requirements. Since SR-22 rates and insurance estimates vary by provider, it is important to shop around for the best prices. To get started, motorists can compare SR22 insurance quotes here. To learn more about who needs SR22 insurance in MI and how to obtain coverage, review the information below.

What is SR22 insurance in Michigan?

Michigan SR22 insurance is generally a requirement under state law if motorists operate a motor vehicle and get into an accident without carrying no-fault coverage, including personal injury protection (PIP), residual bodily injury and property damage liability (BI/PD) and property protection (PPI). SR22 coverage is available as two types, including owners’ and operators’ insurance. Owners’ SR-22 insurance covers any vehicle registered under the subject’s name. However, operators’ SR-22 coverage insures the responsible party in any vehicle not registered under the subject’s name. Motorists may file an SR22 form for one or both coverages, depending on their specific needs. However, not all uninsured motorists need SR22 insurance in MI, as these requirements generally only pertain to drivers who are part of an unsatisfied judgement or an MVACF. If motorists do need to obtain SR22, then they may get started by comparing quotes here.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Michigan?

Michigan SR22 insurance coverage is mandatory in several situations. For instance, motorists may need to file an SR-22 form during situations involving an MVACF or an at-fault traffic collision resulting in unsatisfied damages or injuries. If SR22 is a requirement due to an unsatisfied judgement, then motorists will receive a driver license suspension until they pay the judgement in full. As part of these SR-22 requirements, motorists may sign a partial-payment agreement if they wish to make payments toward the judgement over time. If motorists need to obtain SR-22 insurance, then they can save money by comparing quotes online. To get started, motorists can find SR22 insurance quotes and rates online here.

Michigan SR22 Insurance Consequences

After obtaining an SR-22 insurance policy, motorists must carry proof of financial responsibility for anywhere between three months and one year, depending on their specific situation. However, motorists may cancel their Michigan SR22 policy sooner if they are able to pay their judgement in full. Furthermore, motorists must file an SR-22 form if they wish to apply for restricted driving privileges after receiving a license suspension due to an unsatisfied judgement. If motorists do not file an SR-22 insurance form, then they cannot apply for a restricted driver license or a partial-payment agreement.

Penalties of Not Getting SR22 Insurance in Michigan

If motorists do not obtain SR22 in MI after involvement in an MVACF or unsatisfied judgement, then they cannot reinstate their driver license or obtain limited driving privileges through the Secretary of State (SOS) until they pay the judgement in full. However, motorists who obtain SR-22 insurance may apply for a financial-responsibility restricted driver license if they agree to file a partial-payment agreement as well. With a partial-payment SR-22 agreement, at-fault motorists can make payments toward their judgement over time. To find affordable SR22 coverage in Michigan, motorists may compare quotes online here.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Michigan

Learning how to get Michigan SR22 insurance depends on if motorists wish to obtain an owner’s or operator’s policy or both types of coverages. When obtaining SR-22 insurance, customers must file one or both of the following forms through an agent of their choice:

  • Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Owner's Policy Certificate (FR-20)
  • Financial Responsibility Certificate Operator's Policy Certificate (FR-20A)

In addition to submitting these SR22 forms, motorists may need to pay an initial filing fee. To cancel the SR-22 policy, however, drivers must file a Notice of Cancellation Financial Responsibility Certificate (FR-14). After the Michigan SR22 insurance company files the forms, the certificates are then filed with the Action Processing Unit under the Michigan Department of State. However, the entire SR22 filing process may take up to four weeks.

Michigan SR-22 Rates

SR22 insurance quotes and rates generally vary depending on the specific situation. For specific SR22 estimates, motorists must contact their insurance agent directly. In addition to SR22 rates in Michigan, motorists must pay standard no-fault automobile insurance premiums. After an SR22 filing, however, standard car insurance rates may increase. To save money on an SR22 insurance policy, motorists can compare quotes online.

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