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Parking Tickets in Michigan

Parking tickets in Michigan can be distributed for a number of reasons, but it is important that you understand the parking violations that can result in a citation. Equally important is knowing how to pay parking tickets and what payment methods may be available to you as well as the consequences for refusing to pay a ticket. If you do not believe you are at fault for a parking violation, it is better to dispute a parking citation rather than ignore it entirely. For more information on parking tickets, including paying and disputing options, be sure to review the sections provided below.

What is a parking citation in Michigan?

The first thing you need to understand about parking tickets are what they are and why you might receive one. Parking citations are enforced for a number of parking violations in MI, including but not limited to:

  • Parking in a prohibited space, such as a bus stop or in front of fire hydrants or driveways
  • Parking on the sidewalk
  • Parking in or too close to a railroad crossing or crosswalk
  • Double parking
  • Parking at a parking meter for a longer time period than what had bene paid, or not paying at all
  • Parking in a handicapped zone without the appropriate handicapped sticker and permit
  • Parking in a no parking zone

The appropriate parking authority are the ones who distribute parking citations and you do not need to be present with your motor vehicle in order to receive one. Typically, an MI parking ticket will be waiting for you beneath your windshield wiper blade if you are not present to receive the citation.

Consequences of Parking Violations in Michigan

Parking tickets will generally result in fines that you will need to pay, with the amount of the fine changing depending on the severity of the parking offense. These parking citations will need to either be disputed or fines will need to be paid in order to avoid a more severe consequence.

While you may be tempted to stuff parking tickets in your glove compartment and forget about them — don’t. Parking violations in Michigan are taken rather seriously, and if you incur three or more unpaid tickets, you may not be able to renew your driver’s license until they are paid. Additionally, parking citations can eventually go to collections, dinging your credit score and haunting you for quite some time, not to mention the interest charges that begin to incur with collections.

How to Pay Parking Tickets in Michigan

Most parking tickets are considered to be a civil infraction, and thus many are eligible for online payments if the parking violations occurred within an eligible court district. Not all court districts within the state allow you to pay for your parking ticket online, and if that is the case you will likely need to make a payment in person. At times, you may be able to pay parking citations over the phone or by mail. Your Michigan parking citation will include the ways that you can pay your ticket and what payment methods are eligible. When paying parking tickets, it should be noted that you must pay the ticket in full as partial payments are not accepted.

How to Contest Parking Tickets in Michigan

Should you wish to attempt to dispute your Michigan parking ticket, you will need to refer to the instructions that will be printed upon your citation. The parking citation will ask you to provide additional information and then you will need to mail your request. Alternatively, a number that you can call is provided.

Once a court date has been scheduled, it will be your responsibility to prove that you did not commit the parking violation and you will be given the opportunity to submit evidence that supports your claim. In order to prove that you do not deserve parking citations, it is recommended that you take photos of your vehicle and the surrounding area where the citation was issued in order to prove that you are not in violation of the law.

Additionally, you will have the option to hire a parking tickets attorney to represent you, should you choose to do so.

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