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Top Job Search Tools in MI

Performing a Michigan job search may seem like a difficult task, but there are several resources and tools you can use to make that task easier. Michigan job search tools can assist you in your work search, regardless of whether you are new to the state of Michigan or a long-time resident who is temporarily out of work. MI job assistance is also available to you if you are a college student approaching graduation and attempting to find work within your field of study. In addition, the state of Michigan has special work boards and online forums you can use to find work if you are in a certain field, such as teaching. Each MI job search tool offers access to lists of available jobs and, in many cases, lists of tips to make your job search easier. Below is a list of some of the top job search tools in MI, the types of assistance those tools offer and how to use each service.

The Michigan Works! System

The Michigan Works! System is a state sponsored program offering job assistance both online and in person at Michigan Works! One-Stop Service Centers across the state. Michigan Works! offers special training and events that can teach you job skills and give provide assistance with resume writing and interview skills. There are sixteen Michigan Works! Service Centers throughout the state. However, regardless of whether one exists in your area, the Michigan Works! website also offers a search tool you can use to look at current job postings.

Pure Michigan Talent Connect

Pure Michigan Talent Connect is an online portal where you can search through thousands of posted jobs. Through Pure Michigan Talent Connect you can also join special programs for job seekers like the Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program. When you sign up for assistance through PMTC, you will also receive email alerts as new jobs in your fields of interest are posted.

State Sponsored Jobs in Michigan

During your search for MI job location tools you should also take advantage of the state of Michigan's list of government job openings, which is updated on a regular basis. You can select one or more job categories, such as education, healthcare support or engineering. Notifications will then be sent to your email address whenever government jobs are available in any of the categories you have selected. You may also browse through featured job openings or search for jobs using keywords on the website for the state of Michigan.

Job Boards for Michigan Teachers

If you are a teacher seeking Michigan employment, then you can take advantage of several MI job search tools, most of which come in the form of online forums and job boards. One such resource is the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) website, which lists teaching jobs as well as other related positions. Some of those positions include Central Office Administrators, Superintendents and Principals.

Special MI job search tools are also available to you if you are seeking a specialized teaching position. For example, the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) sponsors the online Michigan Charter School Job Board. There you will find listings of open positions in charter schools throughout the state. The provided search tool will allow you to browse through those positions based on category or keyword searches.

Career Centers at Michigan Universities

Most universities in Michigan offer job search assistance in the form of Career Centers located on their campuses. For example, the University of Michigan has a Career Center, which offers online job search tools for both Masters and PhD students, as well as other search tools based on specific areas of study. Internship search tools are also available.

If you are a University of Michigan student or a student at any other MI university with a Career Center, then you can request Career Center help with creating your resume or cover letter. Your university may also offer special job search assistance if you are a veteran, disabled or have any other special background which may cause you to require extra job search assistance. Many Michigan Universities also hold job fairs and career counseling workshops on their campuses. You must inquire at your college's Career Center to explore the full scope of job assistance offered there.

Michigan Job Fairs and Hiring Events

MI job fairs and hiring events are held across the state at various times of year and in multiple types of venues. If you are seeking work, then a Michigan job fair is an excellent place to make connections. However, you must prepare ahead of time before attending such hiring events. For example, you should bring multiple copies of your resume to MI job fairs. It is also important to take notes regarding work contacts which may be suggested to you at each fair you attend. You should dress appropriately for the occasion and have a prepared introductory speech for each short interview as well.

When you are ready to search for upcoming job fairs in your area, you can do so through the Michigan Works! Program. If you are a college student, then you may also be able to get a list of upcoming hiring events from the Career Center at your college. Additional job fair resources include online search tools and fellow students, if applicable.

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