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Michigan Birth Certificates |

Michigan Birth Certificates

Michigan birth certificates from as early as 1867 are available through the Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) for a fee. These birth record credentials are available as a certified or authenticated copy, depending on the specific reason for the request. Additionally, a certificate of birth is also available as a veteran’s benefit copy. Other types of vital record credentials include heirloom certificates of birth, verifications and certified copies for senior citizens. However, certified birth certificate documents are only available to eligible applicants who can provide proof of photo identification, unless the birth took place more than 100 years earlier. To obtain an original birth certificate, applicants must submit a request through the MDHHS and pay a nominal fee. As such, residents may submit a birth certificate application in person at the Vital Records office in Lansing, by mail or online here. To learn more about ordering a replacement birth certificate in Michigan, review the information below.

Types of Birth Certificates in Michigan

Before completing a birth certificate form, customers must determine whether they need a certified, authenticated or a veteran’s benefit copy. As such, a certified birth certificate contains a raised, embossed seal and is printed on special security paper. In addition to the standard birth certificate copy, certified senior citizen birth records in Michigan are available for a reduced fee if applicants are 65 years of age or older. Furthermore, an authenticated copy of birth certificate credentials is also available, as these documents are generally necessary when performing an international adoption or establishing dual citizenship. Moreover, customers may order birth certificate credentials for eligible veterans as well, as these types of documents are available to servicemembers who wish to secure a benefit. To apply for a birth certificate, residents may submit a request here.

In addition to these MI records of birth, residents may request a verification if they wish to verify key facts on a certificate, including the name, date and place of birth. However, birth record verifications do not include an actual copy of the certificate. Additionally, residents may obtain birth certificate credentials as an heirloom if they wish. However, heirloom certificates of birth are not acceptable as legal proof of age and identification.

Why do I need a birth certificate copy in Michigan?

Birth records are important for many reasons. For instance, birth certificates are typically mandatory when residents enroll in school, apply for a US passport, obtain government benefits or join the military. Additionally, certified birth certificates are a requirement when applying for insurance, pension benefits or to provide proof of age and legal identity. For these reasons, it is important to order a replacement birth record if the original credential sustains damages or goes missing. To get a birth certificate in MI, residents may submit an online request here. In addition to these certified birth certificate requirements, residents may need an authenticated or veteran’s credential as well. For instance, an authenticated copy of a birth certificate may be necessary to obtain a work visa, establish residency or complete an international adoption. Furthermore, veteran records of birth are available to eligible servicemembers at no charge, as these credentials help applicants to secure the various types of benefits available to them.

How to Get a Michigan Duplicate of Birth Certificate

If you need a birth certificate copy, you may submit an application in person, by mail or online. However, you can only order birth certificate credentials if you are at least 15 years of age. Furthermore, certified birth certificates are only available to certain eligible applicants if the event took place less than 100 years prior. As such, you may only obtain a certified birth certificate in MI if you are the subject of the record or you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You need to request your child’s record
  • You are the legal guardian of the person named on the credential
  • You are a licensed representative of the person named on the record
  • You can provide a court order
  • The person named on the record is deceased and you are an heir of the decedent

If you wish to obtain an original birth certificate, you must also provide proof of photo identification and payment for the applicable fee. To learn more about applying for a birth certificate in MI, review the following sections.


If residents need a Michigan birth record in less time, they may order a certificate online if they are eligible to do so. To apply for a birth certificate online, customers generally need to provide the name of the individual on the record, the name of the city in which the event took place and the date of the birth. To get started, eligible applicants may order a birth certificate online here.

In Person

If residents wish to obtain a birth certificate in person, they must visit the State of Michigan Vital Records Office in Lansing between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To receive a certified certificate of birth during the same visit, however, applicants must submit their request by 3 p.m. (,5885,7-339-71551_4645---,00.html). Additionally, customers must complete a standard birth certificate application (DCH-0569-BX) or a senior birth record form (DCH-0569-BX-SR) if they are older than 65 years of age. If using the replacement birth certificate to obtain veteran’s benefits, applicants must also provide a copy of their military discharge papers. (,5885,7-339-71551_4645_4671-13724--,00.html)

To obtain an authenticated copy of a birth certificate, however, applicants must complete an Application for an Authenticated/Apostilled Copy (DCH-0569-BX-AUTH). To obtain a certificate of birth verification or a keepsake document, customers must complete a Request for Verification of a Michigan Birth Record (DCH-0569-VERBX) or an Application for a Non-Certified Copy (DCH-0569-BX-HEIR) if requesting an heirloom credential.

By Mail

Residents who cannot order a certified birth certificates in person may instead submit an application by mail. Regardless of the birth record type, customers may mail their duplicate birth certificate application, payment for the applicable fee and proof of identification to the following address:

Vital Records Request

PO Box 30721

Lansing, MI 48909

After submitting the birth certificate applications by mail, residents can expect to receive their certified credential within four to five weeks. However, customers may rush their birth certificate order if they wish to receive their record in two to three weeks. To rush a Michigan birth certificate application, customers must pay an additional fee and mail their form to the following address:

Vital Records Request RUSH

PO Box 30721

Lansing, MI 48909

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