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Michigan Divorce Certificates

Michigan divorce records are accessible to all customers who complete an application and pay the applicable fee, as dissolution documents are not restricted to authorized parties. To obtain a divorce certificate, applicants may submit a request in person, by mail or online. However, an online divorce record search is often the quickest and most convenient method. To get a copy of divorce certificate records online, applicants may submit a request here. Alternately, divorce documents are available directly through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). These marriage and divorce records include certified and exemplified copies. However, customers may search divorce records and verify facts from the original document if they do not wish to obtain an actual credential. This type of divorce search is also known as a verification of key facts. If customers need a copy of divorce papers, however, then they must submit an additional application to do so. To learn more about how to get a copy of divorce papers in Michigan, review the information below.

Types of Michigan Divorce Documents

Michigan divorce records are available to any customer who wishes to order a certificate for legal purposes or personal reasons. However, more than one type of divorce certificate is available in the state. Available divorce papers include certified or authenticated copies for events that took place as early as 1897. While both types of divorce certificates contain a raised seal and are printed on security paper, an authenticated copy is generally only necessary when completing a transaction through a foreign government. To get a public record divorce credential, customers may submit an application here.

Other types of marriage and divorce records are available, including decrees and complete case files. While a Michigan certificate of divorce is generally acceptable when completing most legal transactions, residents may need a decree or case file to challenge a decision in court, as these documents contain additional details pertaining to the event. For instance, residents may need a decree of divorce to challenge a decision in court that pertains to alimony or child support payments. However, a copy of divorce decree credentials is generally only available through the court that grants the termination of marriage.

Why do I need my divorce papers in Michigan?

There are many reasons to find divorce records in Michigan, as these certified documents are a requirement when completing various legal transactions. Since a divorce certificate serves as legal proof of the dissolution of marriage, a certified record is necessary when completing the following transactions:

  • Applying for a legal name change
  • Changing the name on a driver license, vehicle registration card or title
  • Remarrying
  • Challenging an alimony or child support decision in court

However, authenticated divorce certificates are necessary when performing a transaction through a foreign government, such as establishing dual citizenship, obtaining a work visa or performing an international adoption. Alternately, residents who do not need a divorce record but wish to verify the information on an original certificate may apply for a verification of key facts. With a certificate of divorce verification, applicants may confirm information on the original credential, such as the place and date of filing, the date of dissolution and the names on the record. To obtain online divorce records in MI, customers may submit an application here.

Who can access my divorce documents in Michigan?

Michigan divorce certificates and marriage documents are not restricted like certified or authenticated birth credentials. For this reason, divorce records are available to all applicants who complete and sign an application and pay the applicable fee. However, the divorce record application requires applicants to provide information such as the following:

  • The name, address, phone number and signature of the applicant
  • A reason for the request
  • The full names of each resident included on the record
  • The name of the county in which the divorce or annulment took place

If customers complete the MI certificate of divorce application and pay the applicable fee, then they may obtain a certified record through the MDHHS. Alternately, online divorce records are available here. A divorce decree copy, however, is only available to the two parties named on the original credential. To get a certified copy of divorce decree credentials, authorized applicants must contact the clerk’s office for the county in which the termination of marriage took place.

How to Find Divorce Records in Michigan

Learning how to get a copy of divorce decree credentials depends on the specific type of request. To obtain a divorce record in person or by mail, for instance, customers must complete a paper application, depending on the specific type of credential they wish to order. To obtain a divorce document online, however, customers simply need to complete an electronic application and pay with a credit card. To learn more about how to get divorce papers in MI, review the sections below.


The easiest way to obtain divorce records in Michigan is online, as customers can simply pay with a credit card and provide their application information. To obtain marriage and divorce records online, applicants generally need to provide the name of the city in which the event took place, the date of the event and a reason for the request. To get started, customers may submit an application for a divorce record online here.

By Mail

If customers cannot get divorce records online in MI, then they may submit an application by mail. To obtain a copy of divorce papers by mail, customers must complete an Application for a Certified Copy or an Application for Authentication/Apostilled Record. To verify a divorce certificate, however, customers must complete a Request for Verification of a Michigan Divorce Record. After completing the application for a copy of a divorce certificate, customers must mail their request and payment for the applicable fee to the following address:

Vital Records Request
P.O. Box 30721

Lansing, MI 48909

Note: To pay for the rush processing of an MI divorce record, applicants may mail their request to the attention of Vital Records RUSH.

In Person

As another option, Michigan divorce certificates are available in person at the MDHHS Vital Records office in Lansing. To get a copy of divorce records in person, applicants must visit the office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To receive divorce documents during the same visit, customers must submit their request by 3 p.m.

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