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Driving Records in Michigan

A Michigan driving record is available to the subject of the report as well as other authorized individuals, including employers, insurance agents, contractors, car rental businesses and private investigators. Additionally, a driving record is available to certain entities or eligible applicants who can provide proof of permissible purpose. To obtain the DMV driving record of another motorist, applicants may submit an application by mail, fax or in person at the Secretary of State (SOS) complex in Lansing. However, motorists may order their own drivers record by telephone, mail, fax or in person at any SOS branch in the state. When applicants order a copy of driving record credentials in person at an SOS branch, they generally receive same-day service. However, driving records may take up to eight weeks to arrive if motorists submit a request by mail or fax. Furthermore, Michigan residents cannot get driving records online at this time. To learn more about how to check driving record credentials, review the information below.

What types of Michigan drivers record credentials are available?

Three types of Michigan driving record credentials are available for purchase through the SOS. These DMV driving history files include certified complete, edited reports and CDL edited records. A certified complete personal driving record is the most comprehensive of the three credentials, as this type of document is generally a requirement for court appearances or administrative hearings. Certified edited driver records are typically used for employment purposes, while CDL edited driving reports generally serve as proof of completing federal commercial driver license requirements.

What information is on your Michigan driving record?

The information on a personal driving history in MI varies depending on the specific credential type. However, most driving records contain two parts, including a driver license header and a motor vehicle history. DMV driving records include driver license information, such as the full name of the licensed motorist, as well as his or her date of birth, address, height, weight, gender, eye color and credential number. Additionally, personal driving records include recent application information, as well as any endorsements, previous names and aliases included in the motorist’s file. Furthermore, the driving history section includes information pertaining to traffic violations, convictions and licensing actions. DMV driving record information includes any convictions pertaining to Failure to Comply with Judgement (FCJ) suspensions, Failure to Appear in Court (FAC), accidents and driver license denials or revocations.

What information is not included in your Michigan driving record?

While a DMV record search provides requestors with important information about licensed motorists in the state, such documents do not include any information that is not motor vehicle-related. Rather than ordering a drivers record, requestors must complete a background check if they wish to obtain criminal information. Additionally, Michigan SOS driving records do not contain vehicle history information. Rather than ordering a personal driving record, customers may order a vehicle report if they wish to learn more about the history of an automobile. To order a vehicle report, applicants must obtain a Record Lookup Request and complete section six of the application rather than section five. Alternately, motorists may order MI driving records and vehicle reports at the same time if they wish to obtain both types of reports. However, applicants will need to pay a separate fee for each record search.

How to Get a Copy of Your Driving Record in Michigan

While you cannot get driving records online in Michigan, you may order a report in person, by mail, telephone or fax. However, a personal DMV driving record is only available if you are the subject of the report or you can provide proof of permissible purpose. If you need to order a driver record but do not have permissible purpose, then you will receive a report without any personal information about the motorist. To learn more about how to check your driving record, review the sections below.

In Person

Applicants may order a copy of an MI driving record in person at any SOS branch in the state or at the Secondary Complex in Lansing if they can provide their driver license and payment for the applicable fee. When ordering a driving record in person at an SOS office, applicants do not need to submit a Record Lookup Request and they generally receive their report by the end of their visit. Furthermore, applicants may pay for the drivers record by cash, money order, check or credit card. If requesting the DMV driving history of another motorist, however, then applicants must visit the SOS Secondary Complex in Lansing, rather than a local Secretary of State branch. Additionally, the driving records of other motorists are not available until the following business day.

By Mail

To order a copy of a driving report by mail, customers must complete a Record Lookup Request and mail it to the Department of State’s Lookup Unit in Lansing. If requesting the MI driving record of another motorist, applicants must complete section seven of the application and include a valid reason for their request. In addition to submitting the drivers record application, customers must enclose payment for the applicable fee. After completing the driving record application, customers may mail the form to the following address:

Michigan Department of State
Record Lookup Unit
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918-1502

By Fax

Driving records are also available by fax if customers can pay with a credit card or they have a current Department of State account. To order a Michigan DMV driving history by fax, customers must complete a Record Lookup Request and fax it to 517-322-1181.

By Telephone

If motorists need to check their own driving record, then they may also do so by telephone. To order a personal DMV driver record by telephone, applicants must pay with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card. Additionally, applicants who order a Michigan drivers record by telephone must provide their driving license number, date of birth and full name. Additionally, driving records are only available by telephone if customers are requesting their own report and their mailing address is current with the Secretary of State. To order a copy of a drivers record by telephone, customers may call 517-322-1624 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:50 p.m., Monday through Friday.