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Michigan Marriage Certificates

A Michigan marriage certificate is available for a nominal fee through the state Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). These marriage registration documents are available from as early as 1867 and include certified, authenticated or veteran copies. To obtain marriage records such as these, applicants may submit an application in person at the Michigan Vital Records office in Lansing or they may apply by mail or online. However, marriage documents are only available to authorized applicants who can complete an application and pay a nominal fee. For instance, a marriage license search is available to the two parties named on the record, as well as their legal representatives. If the marriage license records are from a wedding that took place more than 100 years prior, however, then any applicant may submit a request, even if he or she cannot provide all required application information. To get started, customers may order a marriage record online here. To learn more about ordering a certified copy of marriage certificate credentials, review the information below.

Types of Michigan Marriage Documents

Several types of Michigan marriage records are available to eligible applicants in the state, including certificates and licenses. However, these wedding records serve different purposes. A marriage license, for instance, is available through the clerk’s office for the county in which the event took place, as they are needed on the day of the nuptials. Couples may order a wedding license from the clerk’s office for the county in which they live as early as 32 days before the marriage date. However, MI marriage licenses expire after 33 days. A marriage certificate serves as legal proof of the union. While couples need a license for marriage before their event date, they receive a wedding certificate after the event takes place.

Marriage certificates are available to eligible applicants as two types. These Michigan marriage documents include certified, authenticated and veteran’s benefits copies. A certified marriage certificate copy contains an embossed seal and is printed on special security paper, while authenticated copies include an apostille, as well as the Great Seal of Michigan. However, an authenticated copy of marriage certificate credentials is also certified, as these documents are necessary to perform an international nuptial or adoption and to establish dual citizenship. Additionally, service members may order a marriage certificate at no charge if they wish to obtain a veteran’s benefit copy. These marriage certificate copies are available to eligible service members who wish to secure a veteran’s benefit, such as pension or compensation. To get a copy of a marriage record, applicants may submit a request here.

Why do I need a Michigan marriage certificate copy?

Residents may order a replacement marriage certificate in Michigan if the original credential sustains damages or goes missing, as these documents are necessary when completing various legal transactions as a married couple. For instance, certified marriage certificates are generally a requirement when applying for a legal name change, joining a spouse’s health insurance plan or filing taxes as a couple. Additionally, marriage records are usually necessary when gaining immigration benefits. Residents may order a duplicate marriage certificate in person, by mail or online. To get a marriage certificate online, customers may submit a request for records here.

How to Order a Replacement Marriage Certificate in Michigan

Residents may find marriage records and order certified copies of their MI wedding certificates in several different ways. For instance, online marriage certificates are available to eligible applicants who wish to order a record quickly and conveniently from the comfort of their home. Alternately, customers may perform a marriage certificate search in person or by mail if they prefer. However, certified marriage documents are only available to authorized applicants who can provide all necessary application information and pay the required fee. Certified marriage certificates are available to the residents named on the original record, as well as their parents, guardians or legal representatives. Additionally, marriage license records are available to authorized customers who can provide a court order. To learn more about performing a marriage record search in Michigan, review the following sections.

By Mail

Eligible customers may order a marriage certificate by mail by sending an application directly to the MDHHS. To replace a damaged or lost marriage certificate by mail, customers must complete one of the following applications, depending on the type of record they wish to obtain:

  • Application for a Certified Copy
  • Application for Authenticated or Apostilled Copy
  • Application for Authenticated Statement of No Marriage in Michigan
  • Request for Verification of a Michigan Marriage Record

If requesting marriage registration documents to apply for a veteran’s benefit, then applicants must include a copy of their military discharge papers and they must indicate the specific purpose of their request on the application. After completing the Michigan marriage certificate application, customers must mail their forms to the following address along with payment for the applicable fee:

Vital Records Requests

P.O. Box 30721

Lansing, MI 48909

Note: After ordering MI wedding documents by mail, customers generally receive their new credential within five weeks. However, customers may rush their marriage record request if they wish to process their application within two weeks. To rush the application, customers may address their request to Vital Records Requests RUSH. However, customers who do so must pay an additional fee. Alternately, residents may get a copy of a marriage record online.


Customers may complete a marriage license lookup online if they do not live near the MDHHS Vital Records office in Lansing or they need their record in very little time. To get an MI marriage certificate online, customers generally need to provide the name of the city in which the event took place, the date of the nuptial and a reason for the request. Additionally, customers who wish to order a copy of a marriage certificate must provide their credit card payment information. To get started, applicants may order a copy of a marriage document online here.

In Person

If customers cannot get a marriage certificate copy online or by mail, then they may visit the MDHHS Vital Records office in Lansing between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To obtain the Michigan marriage document on the same day, however, customers must submit their request by 3 p.m. When ordering a marriage certificate in person, customers must complete an application and submit payment for the applicable fee.

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