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VIN Checks in Michigan

Motorists may complete a VIN check in Michigan before making the decision to purchase a previously-owned vehicle, as doing so helps them to verify the automobile’s title brand and salvage history. A VIN lookup (or a vehicle identification number check) uncovers important information about a car or truck’s history, including its manufacturer, engine type and country of origin. Since a car’s VIN is like its fingerprints, a vehicle identification number lookup can tell motorists a great deal about the history of the automobile in question. To perform a VIN number lookup, motorists may submit their request directly through the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) or they may get an instant vehicle identification number check here. To perform a VIN code lookup through the SOS, customers may submit an application in person, by mail, fax or telephone if they own the vehicle in question. To lookup VIN information before buying a previously-owned vehicle, however, customers may only submit their request to the SOS in person, by mail or fax. To learn more about checking VIN numbers in Michigan, review the information below.

What is a Michigan VIN report and why should I get one?

A Michigan VIN check includes important information about the history of a motor vehicle, including its assembly plant, production number and year of manufacture. Additionally, a VIN number report includes important safety information pertaining to the motor vehicle in question, including any past or incomplete recalls. Furthermore, a vehicle identification number report helps to prevent and detect automobile fraud and theft, as a lookup includes important information about the car or truck’s odometer reading and brand, salvage and total loss history. Since a VIN history report helps to veer buyers away from fraudulent, unsafe or unreliable automobiles, it is important to obtain one before purchasing a previously-owned car or truck. To check VIN number information instantly, customers may submit a request here.

Where can I find my Michigan vehicle identification number?

Before motorists can order a VIN number check in MI, they must locate the car or truck’s VIN code, as this information is needed to perform any type of lookup. In most cases, the 17-digit VIN is visible near the driver’s side of the vehicle’s dashboard. Motorists can usually find the vehicle identification code by standing outside the front of the automobile and looking in. Additionally, a car’s VIN number is generally visible near the driver’s side door post or on the vehicle’s insurance card or registration certificate. After locating the car’s VIN, motorists may perform a vehicle identification number check online here.

When to Order a VIN History in Michigan

After locating a car’s VIN number, motorists may order their report online or through the SOS. However, the best time for looking up VIN number information is before motorists buy or sell a previously-owned vehicle, as doing so helps them make the most well-informed decisions. If looking up a VIN number before buying a used automobile, then motorists can use the vehicle identification number check to negotiate the price of the car or truck in question or they may decide to walk away from the transaction if the report reveals unpleasant or suspicious information, such as a title brand, incomplete recall or water damage. Furthermore, a VIN report may benefit sellers as well, as they can use it to reveal positive information about the automobile in question. For instance, a VIN lookup may reveal a clean title history, which may encourage buyers to purchase the used vehicle. For these reasons, VIN checks are a crucial part of buying or selling a used motor vehicle. Motorists can get an instant VIN history report here.

How to Complete a VIN Check in Michigan

Two types of Michigan VIN history reports are available to motorists. These VIN number lookups include online reports and SOS vehicle records. When customers look up a VIN online, they can instantly uncover important information about a vehicle’s history, while SOS requests generally take longer to process. For this reason, an online VIN lookup is the most convenient method. To get started, motorists can order an instant VIN report here. To learn more about how to check VIN number information, review the sections below.


To perform a vehicle identification number check in very little time, motorists may order an online VIN number report, as these lookups are available instantly. To perform a VIN lookup in MI, customers simply need to provide their vehicle’s identification number. If customers cannot find the car’s VIN number, then they may be able to complete the search by entering the vehicle’s license plate number. To get started, customers may order a VIN number report here.

Through the SOS

If motorists cannot complete a VIN check online or if they prefer to order a report through the SOS, then they may do so in person, by mail, fax or telephone if they wish to order their own vehicle record. If customers need to order a VIN report for a vehicle they do not own, then they may only submit their request in person, by mail or fax. If customers wish to obtain Michigan VIN history information for a vehicle they do not own, then they must also complete a Record Lookup Request. When completing the VIN lookup form, requestors must provide their name, address, payment information and the vehicle’s license plate number, year, make and vehicle identification number. When checking a VIN number in person, customers may visit any SOS branch in the state or they may visit the Secondary Complex in Lansing. To check VIN numbers by telephone or fax, customers may do so by contacting the Secretary of State. If performing a Michigan VIN number lookup by mail, then customers must send their application and any applicable payments to the Department of StateRecord Lookup Unit. To check a Michigan VIN number instantly, however, customers may submit an online request here.

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