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How to Change the Address on a Michigan Car Title

Michigan residents in need of changing an address on a car title have several options available to them via the local Secretary of State (SOS) office. The Michigan DMV title change address form can be completed in person, online or by mail. The turnaround time for receipt of your new title showing your current address typically ranges between seven and fourteen business days unless you complete your application in person. As your vehicle registration address is connected to other Secretary of State records that pertain to you in the state of Michigan, such as voter registration and your driver’s license, maintaining current name and address information can prevent problems if you are pulled over, involved in a car accident, sell your vehicle or temporarily work outside of Michigan.

When is it necessary to update a car title address in Michigan?

It is mandatory to change your car title address anytime you switch residencies or move from the location specified on your driver’s license.There are a multitude of reasons you might need to update the address on your car title in Michigan. If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, gotten married or divorced, changed primary residences, taken an out-of-state job or joined the military, you will have need of the Michigan title change of address form. Failure to update this vital document can cause untold legal hassle and financial stress as Michigan residents caught operating motor vehicles without valid title and registration can be ticketed, fined and even in some cases have their cars impounded or driver’s licenses suspended.

Michigan law states that when you change the address on your car title and registration, the listed address must match the one on your valid driver’s license or state ID card; otherwise you are subject to legal and financial penalties.If you fill out your title change of address formonline, a letter will arrive from the Secretary of State office to your former address notifying you of the successful address change. If you do not wish for your dmv title change of address to be made known to the residents of your former address, it is imperative to fill out your address change form in person.You will receive a sticker specifying your new address to place on the back of your driver’s license or state ID card upon successful completion of your Michigan car registration address update.

Michigan Title and Registration Address Change Procedures

Your nearest Michigan Secretary of State office can provide you with a title change of address form to fill out in person while in the office or you can visit the SOS digital platform entitled ExpressSOS and complete a change of address online. You also have the option to mail in the change of address form to the SOS address provided on the form itself, or to fax the form to the fax number also provided. The fee to update the address on your Michigan car title will be fifteen dollars payable to the Secretary of State’s office via credit card, check or money order.

It is helpful to note that when you change the address on your driver’s license in Michigan, all records in the Secretary of State office files relating to yourvehicle, voter and driver registration are simultaneously updated in the system and there is no fee associated with making this particular change. You can also change the address on your Michigan car registrationat the same time thatyou renew your license plate for whatever fee your license renewal typically incurs.If you are completing a paper renewal on your Michigan license plate, all that you must do to update your car registration address is to cross out the old information on the renewal notice and fill in the new desired address, making sure to include your accurate county of residence in Michigan.

Though the SOS online platform offers two kinds of license plate renewal, Online Renewal Plus and Online Express Renewal, you can only update car title address information via the Online Renewal Plus option.

Car Title Change of Address for New Michigan Residents

Michigan law states that the new address for a car title belonging to a new resident of the state of Michigan be completed immediately upon an official move to the state of Michigan. As new Michigan residents are completing the car title address form at the nearest Secretary of State office, they are also required to turn in their previous title from their former home state. If your car title is being held by a leasing agent or lien holder in your former home state, you have the option of bringing proof of your out-of-state title and/or your registration from your previous home state, even if it is currently expired.

To successfully complete your DMV title change of address and legally register your vehicle in the state of Michigan, you will also be required to show proof of Michigan no-fault auto insurance. If there is more than one owner associated with your out-of-state car title, all owners listed on the title must be present in order for your title change of address form to be processed. If an owner is unable to attend the SOS office physically, an agent can be appointed to represent that owner at title signing.

Michigan Title Change Of Address Forms For Military Personnel

If you are a Michigan resident currently on active duty for the military or otherwise working outside of the state of Michigan temporarily, you may have special DMV title change address concerns. The Michigan car title address form utilized in such cases is used in conjunction with a Special Mailer of Certificate for Title and allows the Secretary of State’s office to mail your Michigan car title someplace else besides the address on the front of the title. Check or money order payments in the amount of fifteen dollars must be made payable to “The State of Michigan” and remitted to a special services addressin order for this transaction to be processed.

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